All of my photos are on the Smugmug website which is similar to Picasa, Flikr and Photobucket. You will need a password to access them (for privacy). You will need to email me in order to get access. See the guide below for recommended viewing instructions.

If you have a password then you may access my photos here:

How to use smugmug photo website

Since many people have never used smugmug to view photos before, I have provided a few suggestions. There are many different settings to explore. This guide will explain how to navigate, how to view in journal mode and how to save at full resolution.

How to Navigate

1) Below is the default view once you get to a gallery. You can click through the thumbnail pictures individually or use your forward arrow key to advance.

2) You can also click "Next" on the upper right side. To skip to the next section of pictures you can click "Next" on the upper left side or hover over the down arrow to skip multiple pages. The << or >> will skip to the first and last page respectively.

3) To back go to a different gallery of pictures simply click on the section in the upper right. The sample picture has "nickgrivas > Travel > One day I Drove 10,000 Miles." Click "nickgrivas" for the homepage or "Travel" for the travel category.

How to View in Journal Mode

1) I like to use the "Journal" style on full screen since I like to scroll through all the photos. To change the style, click on "style" at the top right and select "Journal." Then press your "F11" key to go full screen. Exit full screen by pressing "F11" again.

2) This is a sample of the journal view.

3) Press "F11" to exit full screen mode

How to Save Photos

1) Hover over the image and a sidebar will come from the right. You can view the photo info or select "Save Photo" on the bottom.